Juan Nieto and I decided to start playing together in around 2016 to see what we could come up with. We didn’t have many expectations going in but after a couple sessions playing covers I started to experiment with getting a computer involved.

The first song that really started the process was when I set up a simple loop and went between playing different key and guitar sounds. There was something magical in the interplay between the rigid loop and the organic rhythyms of Juan. His exuberance was well suited to the textures I made.

Every week I had something new to show him, and he started to call it “la maquina del espacio-tiempo” (the space-time machine), he even coined a catchphrase for it - “it can not only take you back and forward in time, but sideways too”

On of the defining features of the “machine” was to be an alesis perc pad. It became our bass instrument.

This is the first post in a series in which I will cover:

  • Everything MIDI about this project.
  • Customized FCB1010
  • Customized Synth
  • DIY Rack & Cabling
  • The PercPad Bass
  • The Midi programming involved.
  • Programming the DAW to control everything