Want to learn how to code?

I authored a JavaScript course funded and hosted by Coding Nomads. It is suitable for beginners though some knowledge in another language or HTML and CSS is handy. It will be a challenge for a total beginner beginners, but if you are motivated, it is absolutely do-able.

The courses with Coding Nomads are designed to be gone through with a mentor, so there is not much hand-holding, but again, if you are motivated, then there is no reason you can’t do it solo, even as a total beginner.

The great thing about JavaScript is that it’s everywhere, all you need to get started is access to an internet browser on a laptop or desktop. That’s all you need!

The start of the course is free, you just need to sign up for an account. To access the full course there is a monthly subscription fee that gives you access to the course and the very active forum (great for when you are stuck).

Coding Nomads is a small, family-run business, committed to social change. When the Covid 19 pandemic hit in 2020, they supported me while making the transition to becoming a professional developer.