Arduino Tea Temperature Sensor

Published: 18/01/2021

With the deepening of winter you may find yourself drinking lots of tea. Its unbeatable as a chest warming liquid. That feeling of hot but not too hot liquid warming your chest is such a relief when your working or living space is chilly. That is, if you drink it in time.

There is a fine line between too hot and lukewarm, and the best experience is to be had the instant it has gone from being too hot, to just right (To my taste, that is around 70-75 degrees C).

Water has one of the highest thermal masses among liquids, yet even in an insulated tea cup, you put it down to cool while you start working on something and before you know it your tea is no longer heart-warming.

If you can relate to this, then grab yourself an Arduino Nano (or a cheap knock off). Wire up a temperature sensor, a buzzer, and upload this code.